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Our mission

Our mission is to break the link between sedentarism, bad backs and office work. They need not go together.

We offer services that businesses need through unique solutions that really work.

All our services are designed with the human body (not the equipment) at the core, we use recognised change management strategies (not simple self-check processes) and we resist seeing expensive ergonomic equipment as the only solution.
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We have three core offerings

Every year the UK looses £10,668 million to back pain.
At any one time 35% of our working population is suffering with back pain.
On average businesses loose 17.6 days to each case.

That doesn’t count the individual physical and emotional cost to those who suffer
and their families who support them.
Nor does it count those who suffer in silence.
Or the loss of productivity when someone is present but in pain.

Back pain is a huge issue in the workplace and we can do something about it.
Work with us and let’s make the cost of office back pain a thing of the past.

In our clients’ words

  • One session with Tanya, and I feel like I’ve got my posture back where it needs to be. She’s amazing! I was so impressed. The amount of money we spend on back problems could be halved if everyone had a Tanya in their office!
  • The DSE training and assessment has made a real difference. You got everyone engaged and were highly professional and approachable throughout. The tips on getting more productive movement into our day were both practical and effective, as were the tools you left us with.
    CEO, PraxisAuril